Not just my best work – ALL of my work. 

I'm Rob Gryder. This is my dot com.

There’s nothing terribly difficult about bringing internet to life. It just takes a lot of time and for now, my internet-creation has reverted to limited time on Instagram and Facebook. I hadn’t social media’d since December of ’18 until my brother left me no choice but to reactivate the FB account I’d had since ’07 in early January to push a button I knew HE wanted to push and tell the world that Scott Gryder is running for Congress. 

With the primary in late June, by March there was no doubt between he and I that we were both 9000% in it to win it, and that it would learn a lot. Primary Election Night’s victory gave us both butterflies in the belly in a way unlike anytime before with thoughts of the possibilities and excitement for the road to the November General. Congresswom Lauren Underwood brought us unpreferred news on November 8 but all emotional-math counted, Scotty and I had really top-tier year!

I picked up a guitar after four-plus years of drifting into a life on a desolate and forgotten island that is thousands of miles away from the entire concept of what has subsequently become my mantra: Harmony! 

Internets I Am Currently Creating

Incredible Kendall Dot Com is my celebration of God's County
Incredible Kendall Dot Com is my celebration of God's County | Because American Healthcare Is A Joke | Because American Healthcare Is A Joke
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